Domestic vs. International

So after looking online and doing as much research as possible into domestic vs. international adoption and the different agencies that offer adoption services we have finally narrowed down our agency search to domestic. What it comes down to in the end for us is wanting to experience the entire childhood from birth to toddler to teenager and beyond. Although that might be possible with some agencies in some countries, the amount of time we would have to wait on a list is either much longer than some of the domestic options or it requires us to stay in that country for months after placement that we just can’t afford to do logistically or monetarily.

Now the search continues as we look at the different options out there for domestic agencies. We are looking at four or five different agencies that all offer very similar views of adoption however some of them have more open policies than others and offer different support services as well that they offer to both the birth mother and adoptive parents. Hoping to soon find the right agency for us so we can begin the paperwork process and get even closer to bringing home a child into our lives.


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