We love the IAC

After looking at information online or through email for weeks we finally decided to go ahead and visit one of the agencies on our list to see what they were like and if there was any reason we would not want to work with them. It was an early Saturday morning trek down to the office and we were sitting in a room full of about a dozen different families looking for more information on adoption. It is kind of scary at first seeing just how many people our agency (at just one location) talks to each and every month about the possibility of doing an adoption through them. If there are that many people each month how will you ever stand out among so many to potential birth mothers.

The meeting itself was really informative though and by the end of the session we had met some great people that had some heart wrenching stories for why they were looking at the Independent Adoption Center (IAC). We really liked the IAC and have decided to go ahead and enroll in their weekend intensive program to start the adoption process and home study with them. The counselor that ran the meeting today was really great and has a personal connection to adoption which helps us feel like she understands how difficult the next year or two will be. We also, loved that our agency doesn’t discriminate about adopting families meaning that they accept any couple (or single) that is interested in adoption that can pass the background and physical checks. With me being in a wheelchair one of the things we worried about was if we could find an agency willing to work with us and not see me as being ineligible to care for a child.

I think today we just made a very important decision in the future of our family!

Independent Adoption Center


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