A Crib I Can Use!

With everything that we have been doing lately looking at paperwork we decided we wanted to look into and get our very first baby related item for the nursery – a crib. With me always in a sitting position I can’t exactly lift a child up and over the crib railings no matter how long my arms are. After doing some research and being disappointed that the Babee Tenda crib was no longer being sold we started looking on Craigs List.

The great thing about this specific crib is that on the side of the crib there is a door that swings open to pick the child up that way! It is exactly what we would need for me and so we just had to find one. Today we went to go and look and potentially buy a Babee Tenda crib from a woman who no longer needed it and we were so excited at the result. Not only did it have all the parts and be exactly what we were looking for but she gave it to us for free! She said she wanted to make sure whoever got the crib really needed it and it wasn’t going to someone just to buy it and sell it for more money later.

We were really surprised and thankful of how generous she was since cribs are not cheap especially not the ones that convert from crib to toddle bed. We now have our first thing in the babies room and just need to put it together!