Workshop and Paperwork

So with the holidays coming up we have been a little busy with all of our friends and family commitments. This year though in addition to the craziness that comes we have also been busy with the start of the adoption process. We completed the weekend intensive about a week ago and since have been working on filling out as much paperwork as possible. It seems like there is a never ending list of documents and papers to sign and get filled out by different people.

The longest time commitment though is the fingerprints that we had to get done. The state of Georgia requires both GBI and FBI fingerprints to be run, however, the FBI fingerprints could take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to get the results back from. Needless to say that is one of the first documents we got sent off as soon as we got the paperwork last month.

In addition to all the registries and databases that we had to have checked for our information we also have personal information to get completed including full medical histories, questionnaires, biographies, letters of recommendation, etc. to get filled out and it seems like we both are going to be writing a lot in the coming weeks.

Although we know the reasons for all the background and checks that need to be completed it can also at times be annoying at the extent the paperwork seems to go. I have included a list below of the documents the state of Georgia requires for a home study completion currently, some of them just seem so strange as to how they ended up on the list but I know that we will finish the list soon and be ready for an adoption.

  • 911 Call Report for all addresses we have been at in the last 5 years
  • Adoption Home Study Autobiography for each adoptive parent
  • Adoption Home Study Questionnaire
  • Birth Certificate
  • Child Abuse registry
  • FBI Clearance
  • Foster Parent Child Safety Agreement
  • GBI Clearance
  • Health History Form
  • Gun Safety Form
  • HIPPA Form
  • Letters of Recommendation (4)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Insurance Information
  • Monthly Income/Expenses
  • Physical Exams
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Verification of Employment
  • Septic tank inspection

Weekend Intensive

The IAC requires all of it’s adoptive families to go through what they call their Weekend Intensive. This is a two day workshop where they discuss the agency and adoption process that everyone will be going through in the coming months. It really was an intensive weekend just like the name led us to believe! We got lots of information about the agency and the process of adoption when using them specifically. They talked about everything from the paperwork, the home study, waiting for an adoption, the match meetings, and finally placement and all that comes afterwards.

At times it seemed like information over load but luckily between the notes and the handouts we should be good when we need to review a specific topic. We also love who our counselor is as she also did the first informational meeting a couple months ago that we attended and feel like we have gotten to know her well at this point.

In addition to the new topics and information we also met some great people that are going through this at the same time as us. Hopefully, we will stay in touch with some of them as we continue in the process.