All About Us – Birthmother Letter

Well today is mainly just going to be a quick update on how everything is going in the process. We finally got the information back on our layout for the birthmother letter. While the changes were small and easy to do, we finished them tonight, we are both a little annoyed that some of these text changes had not been brought up earlier in this process.

From here we are really hoping to get a fast answer that we changed everything that was needed and it is now approved for us to start the printing process. Since we have an approved home study, waiting on this to be completed is annoying because if it was already complete we could already be waiting for contact from a birth family.

I know in some ways I should be happy that it is taking a few extra weeks to get through everything because I was so worried about the money being there when we got the call about adoption but at this point I am just ready to be a mom and let my money worries be gone.


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