Price of Adoption$

Getting a little annoyed with how easily some people can spend money and just how much money they have to spend. I know that I probably don’t know their entire financial situation but I see people able to spend what they want when they want to and it is aggravating me.

I am not exactly a spend thrift in the first place but with all of these expenses we have had for fertility and now adoption it has made our budget a little tighter so that we can make sure we have everything we need when we need it and won’t have to take out a loan. While I would take out a loan if it was absolutely necessary to complete the adoption I know that if we save and are careful with our money it won’t come to that.

I know that we have taken some awesome vacations in the past but for what we spent they were never the cost of what they should have been due to using miles and points. With this year not being able to afford a full vacation and we couldn’t afford one last year either it just makes me wish we made more money or had less expenses so that we could go on one. In the long run having a baby is better than having a couple vacations though!


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