Hard Copy of Birthmother Letter

Finally got everything straightened out with the proof and we will have a new one in the mail today and hopefully get it tomorrow. If we can get it tomorrow then we can drop it off and hopefully have the approval by Friday this week to start the ordering process.

Found out that they don’t do a hard proof after the first one unless you call and request. It would have been nice to know that though last week or we wouldn’t have missed all weekend on waiting for the proof. The one upside is that my mom was able to read through the soft copy proof online this past weekend and she found a small typo. While I am sure that it would be missed by most people and would not be a big deal I really don’t want any typos if someone has seen it.

That meant fixing the layout over the weekend and then getting the new proof ordered. If this proof has an issue though I might go a little insane because I am ready to be finished with this part of the process and active in their system. I am anxious, nervous, and excited all at once for that time when we can be searched for online.


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