Approved Letter – Finally!

Well it is officially approved and we have submitted the proof approval to the printing company. I am getting so excited to get the letters in the mail so we are active and can hopefully start finding a match for our future son or daughter.

After ordering them today it says that the latest we will have the printed letters is April 8th, 2013 but I really hope that we get them sooner than that because even those 2 or 3 weeks seems like so much wasted time. The letter approval process took a lot longer than I would have thought at the beginning and what makes it even more shocking is that we didn’t have as many revisions as most people end up needing.

Our friends that are going through the same process are having a lot more frustrations around getting everything approved. We started the birthmother letter process around the same time and at this point we are printing and they are only now getting ready to submit the soft copy for full approval. I think it will probably take them another 3 weeks to be at the same place as us. It is a shame because I know they are really excited to get active as well and their main problem has been around photographs for the letter.

Now that I got to hit print it seems almost anti-climactic though since there is still a couple weeks time between this and when we will have them in our hands.


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