Letters for 15 Minutes

The letters came in the mail today! After getting home and picking them up we ran quickly to the post office to get them sent out to the different locations and separated the ones that we will be keeping to network ourselves. Having letters in hand is something that comes as a great relief after having a slightly frustrating week last week.

Since they are shipped today by the end of the week at the latest we should be searchable in their system and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before we have someone request our letter. I hope that the next segment of our journey goes by fast and doesn’t seem like it takes too long. Time to find things to do to prepare and keep our minds off the clock!

I know it seems silly but Andy and I have already been talking about the whole timing of adoption and how even though we would never say well this month isn’t good for us we’ll wait for another match we are at the same time hoping it happens in certain months. For instance we want to go to the reunion in July this year and we also would like to go to my company’s training weekend in October but those things are not as important as starting a family and we can always see everyone at a different time and have a better experience with starting a new family instead.



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