Here we Come Birthmothers-We are Active!

We got the email this afternoon telling us that we are able to be searched online and that are profile is active! It was so great to know it is finally time for the long wait but also a little anti-climatic since we had already gotten all of our approvals in the mail and verbally.

Andy and I are now wondering how long it will be before we get our first contact from a potential birthmother. It is a kind of crazy feeling of being anxious and nervous if someone does actually call to talk to us about making a match. Hopefully, after our meeting next Tuesday going over the contact I won’t feel so nervous. I am just not sure what to say and I know being nervous is normal and that it might even help put the birthmother at ease that it isn’t easy for us either.

Questions that keep going through my mind though are what should I ask her, what should I talk about, will I be able to tell if we are being scammed, and how long should that first contact be before it is too much information at once?


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