Our First Phone Call

Well we are definitely active. We got a call late tonight from a potential birthmother. Her name is Serena and she is from Kansas City. She seemed nice and already has 4 children currently and did not think she could take care of another one, a boy, at this time so she is looking into adoption. One of the problems we have right now after talking to her is that she seems to want a lot of in person contact which doesn’t seem easily doable with the big difference in location. She wanted to be there for every birthday and Christmas and she also wanted to be there for the first three months after giving birth.

Although I definitely understand that it would be difficult to know you aren’t going to always be there for all those special occasions it also doesn’t make sense to do an adoption so far away if you really want to be there.

We now have had our first birthmother contact under our belts though and hopefully the next one won’t be quite as nerve racking. Andy and I are really excited to know that our letter is out there and getting seen by potential matches which is the first hurdle to get through I think. Neither of us expected that we would have activity so soon after going active though I don’t think. It is just over a week that we have been able to be seen so having any contact is awesome!

P.S. She ended up deciding to try and match with another family on Monday the 15th instead of continuing with us. In the end I think this is for the best since there were some things that we weren’t really that comfortable with in the initial conversation with Serena. On the upside it at least wasn’t a scam and some family out there is getting their chance to grow!


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