Baby Names with Adoption

Since we had been trying to get pregnant for a while Andy and I had already discussed and decided on potential names for children. It is a little odd to realize that we might have to take other people’s thoughts and considerations into the naming though now. Before we started really looking at adoption we had already planned the girl and boy names being Zoe Dawn and Ethan Andrew respectively.

After talking to a potential birthmother and how she wanted to have us involved in naming the baby I realized I am not sure how this will work now. We love the names we have picked out and they have been what we decided on a long time ago. I know technically at finalization we can change the name to whatever we want since the child will be adopted into our family but I am also not sure how I will feel changing the name that the birth parents choose for their child and not incorporating their thoughts into it at all.

In the end maybe we will come up with a compromise and use a combination of what we want and what they want or maybe we will use our names at this point there is still too much that can change so I am trying to not stress over what the outcome will be.


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