Painting on the Walls

Well Andy’s dad is at the house to visit and help with some things around the place. Today he painted the first coat in the baby room and will finish it off tomorrow morning. It looks really great and the grey color turned out really well.

We decided to go for a neutral color on the walls and just keep the accents and bedding in a specific color. Even though we are keeping the accents in a gender neutral color we just like the idea of something subtle on the walls that we can dress up and change however we want. This way as the child gets older rather than needing to repaint the yellow walls we can just change out the décor and leave the wall color alone.

This is just one more thing we needed to do on the way to prepping the baby room and now there are just a couple of small things to do and it will be ready for us to adopt. I am hoping that it doesn’t take years to adopt and we feel stressed by having the room already decorated but for now at least we are thinking positive and hoping for a faster adoption.



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