IAC Picnic

Well today was a very busy day because we were a little over booked but in the long run it ended up being a great day.

It started out where we were not only going to the picnic in the afternoon but also Andy had to help with some photos at the Dixie Games. We were kind of hoping that we would only have to do pictures in the morning at track since several of the swimmers were in Ohio for another competition. In the end though we ended up doing track in the morning, the picnic in the afternoon, and then swimming a little later in the afternoon, wow so exhausting!

At the picnic specifically though we had a great time. We got to see some of the people from the agency itself (Kristine our counselor, Ashley who did our home study and Michelle who runs the office there) and catch up with them a little bit. Also, there were some of the other couples we have met before at other events including some that had already matched! So cute seeing all the little babies at the picnic and meeting even more people from the area that are waiting to adopt.

One of the things at the picnic was a raffle of several prizes and Andy’s raffle ticket was a winner for us! We got some new Braves pacifiers to add to the collection of baby things we have accumulated. Love getting new baby items to store in the room until we have a need for them and the more items we can gather now the less we will end up needing to spend and go and find once we have our own placement.

iac picnic


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