Time to Travel

Well I am officially traveling again. I am fairly confident that now that I am billable and busy with work we are now going to see more activity with our profile. I am not sure if I am excited for a fast match or if I would prefer to have another 4 or 5 months before the match takes place. Things can’t be decided until they are put in front of us but my usual worrying mind never stops turning.

On the upside of being on the road is 1 being on the road and not having to do all that driving every day, 2 being in Houston and hopefully able to see my sister’s family more often, and 3 finally being billable full-time again!

I am really excited about this project and it is actually a little on the large side for project team scale which I love. There are several people that I have worked with before and then a few that I haven’t had the chance to work with outside of just working on the phone for proposals or demos. Putting faces to names is great.

The extra money from being billable could have come a little earlier to make the savings a little easier but now I am not sure we will know what to do with all of the extra money coming into the account. I found out last night that in addition to being billable we will have a per diem which means if I eat on the cheap side each week we can pad our savings with a little extra money or spend it on things for the nursery!


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