Choosing to do an open adoption is not something that Andy and I have gone into lightly. Through all the research, meetings, and discussions we have had with people, we know that choosing open adoption isn’t just about expanding our family by one. We know that our family will also grow an extension of our child’s birth family.

Although, this idea can seem daunting at times and seem like it could lead for a crazier life going forward it is also something we should do for the child we are adopting. Their story doesn’t begin when they enter into our family and as they grow up they are going to want to know more information about where they come from if they don’t have access to it already.

Andy and I hope that we can have an open relationship with whoever our birth mom (and dad) ends up being and welcome her (and him) as part of the family as well. We won’t really know how much contact we will have after placement until we meet those specific birth parents and find out what contact they would like to have but we hope to have birth parents that want to be updated and included in the milestones and achievements the child will have.



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