Article on What to Know Before Adoption

Even though we are adopting a baby with this adoption, I read the following article on adopting an older child and some of the issues and things that they should have done differently. Mainly because we don’t know what will happen in the future and if we decide to adopt an older child it would be good information to know. The article also was talking about an international adoption as well which has a different subset of issues and things to think about with it. I know adoption is never easy but it seems like trying to adopt a domestic infant is easier for us at this point since we don’t have to worry about some of the things that come with other adoptions.

At the beginning of the article it talks about being able to choose the child they are adopting which is a stark contrast to what is happening in our adoption process now because we are the ones that need to be chosen. If we had a list of children to choose from how do you decide which one is the right one and how do you not sit there and wish that you could take them all?

Every once in a while I go online and look at the foster care children that are ready to adopt in our state and sometimes reading about them makes me wish that we could take them in and give them a home with us but then I worry about being prepared to take in an older child and not knowing what to do once they were in our home. Most parents get to build up to the issues children face as they grow up and to start from scratch with someone who is 8 for example would be stressful.

I hope that every child can find a home to grow up in and feel safe and secure in but I know that it just isn’t an option that is given to some children.


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