Family Time Around the Holiday

What a great weekend with family and friends. We spent most of the weekend with family just hanging out and catching up. Starting the weekend out Friday with dinner at my parent’s house just the four of us since it had been a few weeks since we saw them with mom out of town so much.

Saturday we went boating with my parents. The water was a little cold but not too bad considering how cold the spring has been this year. Andy and I started talking about how perhaps in another 5 or so years we will hopefully have a small boat of our own that we can take out as a family. We really don’t need a big boat and during the spring through fall seasons it would be great to be able to go out for a ride.

Finally on Sunday, we all went over to Aunt Pam’s house for a little cookout that she was hosting. Their pseudo daughter-in-law was in town with her daughter, Addy. There were a lot of people around to spend some quality time and catch up with. It seems odd how time kind of flies through the months since even though Pam and her family live only about 15 minutes away we only see them about 6 or so times throughout the year. We really should try and talk to them a little more often and invite them over sometime.

Today we didn’t really do anything special for the actual Memorial holiday other than lounging around the house. After such a busy weekend though could you blame us!

Addy 2

Us with the cute little Addy!


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