More Gifts

We got a lot of stuff today from a friend of Andy’s. We are really truly blessed to have such awesome friends that are so supportive in the process of our adoption!

Andy has been talking to one of his clients, that he has done freelance work for, about the whole adoption and keeping him updated. Recently he mentioned to Andy they have all kinds of baby related equipment that they don’t need any more since their youngest twins are already 4 years old including a car seat.

We ended up getting a porch swing, an indoor jumper, a baby bath, the car seat, some toys, safety latches and door handles, some diaper bags, an umbrella stroller, a pool baby float, and I am sure there are some other things I just can’t remember! It was a great load of stuff that we ended up paying very little for which if we had bought new at the store would have cost us probably at least 10 times as much.

It was a very great day for gifts in the house and it makes the list of items still needed before we bring home a little one shorter and shorter. We have been really blessed with finding some awesome people willing to give us their old things.

New Gifts


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