Strollers, gliders, car seats, and everything baby!

Andy and I didn’t have anything else going on this afternoon so we decided we would rummage through the aisles of Target and Babies ‘R Us and find all the cool gadgets, toys, and clothes that we want to buy. Luckily a lot of the clothes were gender specific so it kept us from buying them now but I saw so many cute things for little boys or little girls that I can’t wait to buy and put on them!

We did find a stroller that we really like finally and it seems like it is exactly what we were thinking of. It is one of the ‘jogging’ strollers but it isn’t too heavy and sits a little higher off the ground for easier access on me.

Looking at everything in the store reminds me of how much we still need to buy even though we have so much from friends and family already… I know I am going to love shopping for baby stuff as we continue through the adoption process!

car seat glider stroller


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