Decorating the Baby Room

With all the rain we have been getting lately going out and doing yard work or spending time at the pool has just not been feasible so today I decided we should finally get to work on some of our little DIY projects for the baby room.

I had bought this cool brass lamp at a Good Will type of store for only $3 but it needed some updating with a new shade and some fresh paint (brass just isn’t my thing). So today I finally got around to sanding and painting the lamp the orange color that we are adding to the nursery. It turned out awesome if I say so myself and now we just need to order the white shade that I found online!


Our second little project was making a chalk board for the baby room. We have the chalkboard paint that you can put on the walls but I wanted something a little less permanent in case we rearrange the baby room at some point. Instead we bought a big piece of plywood and some molding pieces and started the painting. We got most of the way through it but when it is finished it will be a black chalk board with an orange molding border set up around it like a frame. Then all we have to do is hang it or move it as needed. šŸ™‚

chalk board

Going to need to look for some other projects to work on for the baby room now!


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