Adoptive Parenting Article

Today I was reading an article written by someone who is the parent to both a child they gave birth to and also a child that they adopted. The article was discussing ‘issues’ during childhood that she faced with her kids and trying to determine if adoption played a factor in their behavior growing up.

It was great to get the perspective of a mother that gave examples of her children misbehaving and then saying which child had the issue and why they acted out. She really broke it down to show that the fact that one of the children was adopted really didn’t mean that their behavior was different but that it really boiled down to the personality of the child instead.

I hope to not second guess when our child doesn’t behave, the same as others in their age group, that it is related to adoption solely but instead something that needs to be handled and dealt with to determine what the actual cause is. Also, with our child always knowing that they have been adopted and will hopefully have information about their birth parents I hope that they will feel more secure and not need to act out to get attention and feel important.


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