Children of Different Races

During our journey through adoption we had to fill out our profile for selection by birth mother. In this profile at our agency there was all kinds of information for things such as race, genetic physical or mental disabilities (could be passed on not necessarily that the child has an issue), whether we will accept multiples, drug and alcohol use during pregnancy by the birth mother, etc. We really kept our profile wide open when we filled it out because to us we don’t care about that in choosing to adopt a specific baby.

Since we selected that we would adopt a baby of a different race than ours (Caucasian) we had to do a course and a test on trans-racial adoption. The course seemed to be fairly straight forward going through it and before filling it out I always thought we were fairly diverse in what we do and who we interact with.

Now though I am worried what will happen if after we have adopted two kids (since we plan on adopting a second after the first one) of different races and how we will make sure that they both get what they need from us and the rest of their environment. I know that I shouldn’t be worried about this now but like usual I like to worry ahead of schedule :). We live in a primarily Caucasian area and at the very least will need to look into ways to introduce our children to other venues where they will meet people of the same race as themselves so they can see people that look like them to relate to.


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