As we have been on the list of available adoptive couples just waiting for a birth mother to pick us for three months now I have come to realize that I think Andy is going to be a little more frustrated by the process than I am. I am usually the impatient one that can’t wait and wants to know when, where, and why everything is going to happen but not this time so far. I have been relaxed in knowing that we have done everything we need to and also some things to help us get out there more and promoted to help in the adoption process and now it is just a waiting game.

I am not sure how long this relaxed status is going to last for me as it is new to me that I am not freaking out but for the time being I am going to take it as it is and enjoy the time we have now by completing projects and things around the house. Most families get a countdown of sorts as to when their lives will forever change and I realize I am not going to get that so I am preparing myself and our house as best as I can for that unforeseen future date.

If we were to get a phone call about an adoption and have a placement within a short period of time I might freak out a little and start stressing but at least by the time that happens my stress and worry will still have an end date in site!


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