Healing after placement

Today I read a great article on the struggles a family had after placement (found here) and why placement is not always just a happy occasion for people trying to adopt. Although, people out there adopt for different reasons and not all experience infertility as a reason to look into the possibility of adoption as the article writer had. For most people no matter what the reason they are choosing adoption there are going to be lots of emotions going on at the placement.

For me, I know that even now I sometimes feel depressed over the fact that I will not be delivering our child and that our family will be created in a different manner than I had thought it was going to come. It is something that Andy and I talk about every once in a while and even though we feel prepared for the adoption and are excited for it there are sometimes triggers that make me sad and wish that things could have been different.

Talking about those feelings and connecting with our new child after placement will be important parts to us creating this new family and healing together. I know our family and friends will be understanding when we need time to bond with our child and not want to share that time with them so we can just be alone together.


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