5 Months and Counting

Well we have been officially waiting for contact from a birth mother for 5 months as of tomorrow. For me it has seemed to fly by with us being so busy this spring and summer. With me traveling again and working more and then seeing friends and family on the weekends it seems like the year altogether has flown by let alone the last 5 months. This month also marks the one year mark since we started looking into different adoption agencies and possibilities beyond fertility treatments.

Over the last few months we have seen a little activity with talking to two potential birth moms and seeing our letter going out to almost 50 potential birth mothers. It is exciting to know that we are out there and getting viewed. Now we just want to find the right birth mother for us. The hard part is that we get a lot of junk calls on our 800 number (for a while we were getting motorcycle parts calls… lol) and you get excited each time the phone rings when it might be something good.

Andy is having a harder time with the unknown time waiting I think and wants it to happen now while I, uncharacteristically, am more content with waiting and knowing that at some point it will happen. So very different from how we normally are since I am usually very impatient!

Who knows what the last 4 months of the year will bring and hopefully it will include contact for a placement and a match but if not I know we will be in a great position for next year hopefully!


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