Our Anniversary

Well today is our four year wedding anniversary and it is amazing how much has happened in the last four years. We are so happy with how our lives have been together and are looking forward to all the many wonderful things yet to come.

There have been great memories from when we have traveled to visit friends, family, and go on personal vacations. We have also, bought a new house and started to make it our own and filling it up with great memories. Professionally we have started different opportunities for both of us. All in all they have been great years together and only good things seen in the future currently.

There have also been some hard times as well such as my two surgeries within the first year of our marriage that were difficult to deal with at the time. It seems like so long ago but we got through them and never looked back. Although we are both still dealing with not being able to have our own children at times, right now we are also thankful for the friends and people we have met along the way in our adoption plans.

Here’s to the future and whatever it may bring us because as long as we have each other it will be wonderful!


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