Infant CPR Class

This past weekend while we were out shopping for a friend’s baby shower we had stopped into Babies ‘R Us and decided to sign up for Infant CPR Class. It is something that we have talked about for a while now and with the holidays fast approaching we figure there won’t be much time to attend such a class if we happen to match during the next 3 or 4 months.

We got to find out about not only the CPR class but also some other classes that they offer to new parents that sound like would be really helpful once we have adopted and brought home a child.  On their monthly schedule it even includes a class on Adoptive Families Chat & Play, however it is not listed in our area. It would be great to see if we could start something like that in the Atlanta area to socialize with other adoptive families out there.

Even though we won’t be able to have a group specifically geared around adoption there are several other groups for new parents in the different stages of the babies development which could be fun to go and meet new people and get any questions answered we might have.


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