Phone calls

So after months of what seems like hundreds of phone calls on our 800 number where there is no one there and it is just dead silence (some spam tele-marketing thing) we get a phone call tonight that neither of us hear as we were in a restaurant. The depressing part is that it actually sounded like there was a person on the other end in the voice mail but no one was talking in the message. While there have also been calls from people looking for another business it is exciting to think that there might be someone trying to get a hold of us again.

Ironically, Andy and I were talking over dinner about how with all the fake or wrong numbers we have gotten neither of us are sure if we would know what to do or say again if we were to be contacted by a birth mother. I guess it is time to pull out our binder and do some reading again to familiarize ourselves with the information we are suppose to mention and potential things we should talk about. The first time we were contacted by a birth mother it had been just 1 week after we had gone live with our page and phone number and we were both a little flustered as to what to say on the phone so we had talked about the kinds of questions we should ask and things to say but apparently my brain has not kept up with that information.

With that first phone call Andy had let me do all the talking as he sat next to me and all I can remember at this point was my heart racing a mile a minute and feeling like I didn’t know what to say because I was so excited and never thought that we would have our first contact so soon. You figure some people do get matched fast with open adoption but after only being on the list for a week I thought that we still had time to prepare what to do when we got a phone call. Now half a year later I still think that if we were to get a call from another potential match my heart would still be racing a mile a minute even if I knew the right things to say and do.

Here’s to hoping we get another phone call from whoever tried to get a hold of us tonight!


2 thoughts on “Phone calls

  1. Hi Stephanie, I have to say that your reaction to this is so normal. NOT THAT I HAVE TRIED TO ADOPT A BABY. Let me explain, you see, of course you are excited and nervous. …A woman who is trying to conceive waits to find out…AM I or aren’t I…and then when it is a positive sign the shock and excitement comes over them and then there is a speechless moment as it sinks in and they can not believe they are…When you get that phone call those are the emotions it sounds like you are going through…AND that is exciting. Welcome to the first stages of “motherhood” because even though you are not physically carrying your child in the womb….you are experiencing some of the emotions a pregnant mother feels when they first find out….which is the first initial phone call for you. If I were calling you as a biological mother, those are the emotions that I would want you to have towards possibly adopting my child. That would make me feel that you were truly wanting this baby. Hearing the joy and excitement you were experiencing would make me want to choose you over someone who did not display those emotions. You are a natural already!!


    • Thanks! Our counselor tells us that it is normal and good to be nervous and excited at the same time and to even share that with potential birth mothers that we talk to and my brain knows that but in the moment I feel like a wreck 🙂


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