Faces of Adoption

It’s amazing that as we have started the process of adoption we have noticed other friends and acquaintances that are also going through the adoption process as well. It seemed like not that long ago I couldn’t have told you a single person I knew that was adopted, had adopted a child, or was hoping to adopt a child and now we know so many.

Part of that is due to the fact that we have met and become friends with some great people through our agency but most of them are people we already knew in some way. The people we have met through our agency have been great sounding boards for us about the adoption since although parts of the adoption process are always the same there are other pieces that depend on what type of adoption and which agency you choose. They know exactly what forms and requirements we have to deal with and what the process is to being picked and finally to bringing home a baby!

We appreciate everyone out there that in one way or another has helped us during this time and been there when we needed someone to talk to especially our families who have been there for us to talk to during the fertility treatments and also now the adoption process.


2 thoughts on “Faces of Adoption

    • We’re so glad you like reading our posts. It started out as something I was doing to just keep a record of everything about our adoption process for ourselves and I am amazed that there are people who are reading about it as well. Thanks for your support!


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