Our Adoption Journey So Far

One year ago today we leapt into adoption with both feet. We had spent a couple months looking at information online, talking to friends who knew some adoption agencies, and getting emailed information from so many different types of agencies. Then a year ago we went to our first in person introduction meeting with an agency. We met not only some great people in our class who were looking into the prospects of adoption but also met a great counselor that made us feel so relaxed and at peace with our decision to move forward.

It might have seemed like we should do more research and try out a few other agencies first before picking the agency that would have a lot to do with the start of our family but we just knew that this was the right decision. I am not one to make even small decisions on a whim normally and want to have all my facts but after talking to the counselor I couldn’t see myself being any happier with another agency than I was that day.

We ended up setting up our appointment to attend the weekend intensive workshop at our agency and to start filling out paperwork for the home study that same day as the introduction and we haven’t really looked back since. Our counselor that led the weekend intensive and subsequently became our counselor throughout the adoption process ended up being the same woman who gave us the intro! Definitely lucky to have been with her from the very beginning because although the other counselors at the agency are great and would have helped us just like her we already had such a great connection and felt that everything kind of came together the way it should.

Adoption overall seems to be something that was supposed to happen for us because ever since we started the process I have felt so much more calm and relaxed about starting a family. When we were going through the period of fertility treatments and testing I was always stressed and anxious each month on if I had done everything I could to get pregnant. Now though, I have done everything I can and short of doing more and more networking to find a birth mother (and birth father) there isn’t anything we can do to bring a child home and into our arms any faster. I know that sooner or later the right child will be born for us and we will get to bring them home and watch them grow up.

Andy has not been as calm as I have during the waiting period I don’t believe as he is anxious and he is not a fan of not knowing how much longer it will be. I think if we were both stressed about the wait we would drive each other crazy but right now I get to be the one who reassures him that IT WILL happen for us and we will be great parents one day soon.

I am not sure if I would be so calm and relaxed if it wasn’t for having such a great agency that has not only given us the initial classes but also books, videos, group meetings, and personal counseling when we have questions about something going on in the adoption process. We would like to say thanks so much to the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) for all the work and help that they give to adoptive and birth families out there and for their continued work in helping with the policies around adoption!


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