Being a Favorite Family

Since we are with the IAC (Independent Adoption Center) we get opportunities to have our profile viewed both online through a website called IHeartAdoption and also through physical copies of our profile that our agency will send out. This is great since currently online profiles and information is so widely used first for research or information before talking to people. We like that our profile is out there possibly being seen by many potential birth mothers. The website sends us updates to our email if we have received any action on the online profile. This could be either a new message from a potential birth mother or that our profile was liked by a potential birth mother.

However, becoming a favorite family can be quite nerve racking we have recently learned. Back in August we had gotten an email from the site telling us that we were selected as a favorite family. At first this seemed like such a great email to get to know that someone was looking at our profile and liked what they saw. Then after we didn’t have any other contact after that it started to be frustrating. You start to get your hopes up that someone is interested in finding out more about you as potential adoptive parents and then for some reason they choose someone else or change their mind and you are never really aware of what has happened.

What is so difficult of that though is that you have that initial communication with no information other than someone somewhere out in cyberspace created an account and liked us. I think that in some ways it might have been better to not know at all at that point in time. As it is the adoption process is such a roller coaster to begin with for your emotions and if I never would have known we were selected as a favorite I wouldn’t have had that week of anxiously waiting for more contact and the disappointment when nothing came of it.

Maybe it is just my personality and other people like that they know when it happens. For me though this is one of the cases I would rather have been blissfully unaware that there was a potential out there and nothing that we could do about it.


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