More Paperwork

So as the year is starting to wind down and our schedules are starting to wind up with things for the holidays with friends and family it is also the time of year when we need to do more paperwork for the adoption. A decent portion of the paperwork needed for our home study needs to be renewed every year to keep our profile active. Now that we know what paperwork is needed it will hopefully not be so daunting of a task.

I remember going through the list last year at first and thinking it was going to take forever to fill everything out for the home study to be complete. Now though I am looking at the list of 10 or so documents that need to be done and I am thinking oh well that will be easy I can get all that done in a week no big deal. Although, it does help that the biography and question forms are not needed again because I think those two things took longer than most of our other paperwork and the rest was just finding the time in our schedule to get them done.

The one part that we can’t speed up no matter how hard we try is the FBI fingerprints that need to be completed. For that one item it can take up to 12 weeks to process them. Last year I think it took closer to 8 weeks only and I am really hoping that it is that fast again this year but you never know really.

Here’s hoping for a quick review/processing of some of the documents!


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