Birth Mother Contact

Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking with a potential birth mother on the phone and online. Andy and I were really excited about it and thought that she was the perfect birth mother for us. We got news yesterday though that she had chosen another family that is local to where she lives to place with.

It was hard to get that news and hear that she didn’t choose us, but we are happy that she found a family that she has decided to match with. We also knew something had seemed off the last few days as we hadn’t heard from her in almost a week about how things were going for her and we were getting much more contact initially.

We are trying to keep positive that one day soon we will find the right birth mother and be chosen ourselves. After talking with her it is hard to imagine connecting like we did with her to another birth mother but we know that there are other potential birth mothers out there that we will talk to and connect with as well.

On another note though we found out that the agency is running low on our dear birth mother letters that they send out to potential people and we need to send them more. It is great knowing so many people have seen our profile and will possibly choose us out of the hundreds of waiting families with our agency!


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