Thanksgiving Traditions

I have always spent Thanksgiving with my family and when Andy and I first started dating he joined in our Thanksgiving traditions. For starters my sister and her family, my parents, and Andy and I  get together for the holiday weekend to celebrate not only Thanksgiving but also early Christmas. It is the last time of the year that we are all together so we have exchanged Christmas presents to each other on the Friday after Thanksgiving ever since our nephews were born so that we can see them playing with their new gifts.

Our traditions for Thanksgiving day are probably very similar to those of most Americans. We of course have the huge turkey dinner with all the fixings; mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, gravy, stuffing, etc. Then we settle in to relax and enjoy some football for the afternoon before breaking out the leftovers for a snack in the evening. Depending on whose house we are at we also make sure the tree has been put up and decorated by the end of the day since the next morning is early Christmas.

Early Christmas as our nephews call it is very similar to what my sister and I did on Christmas day growing up just without the big dinner. We open gifts, have fresh made cinnamon pecan rolls, and play with the new toys. Since none of us are big on doing Black Friday shopping we normally don’t do anything else on this day and have it as another day to just hang out and play with the family.

It really is one of my favorite times of the year and look forward to spending time with our family as the fall starts to approach. Maybe next Thanksgiving there will be another family member to attend the weekend!


Christmas started early

I know that everyone will probably think I am crazy but I love Christmas decorations and everything Christmas so even though it is early November I have already started decorating the house and watching Christmas movies. So far at this point we have done the outside lights, put up both the indoor and outdoor tree, and hopefully later today I will finish the banisters inside. The last piece will be the fire place mantel that needs to still be completed and then hung.

It might seem crazy that I have my decorations up so early but when you consider the fact that I travel as often as I do I really only see the lights for about a month over the course of two months. Plus I am one of those people that like to be prepared and ready so I can enjoy things later. This same mentality is why we already have a majority of the babies room completed already while we still wait to find our match and finally a placement. I don’t want to get a call that we are matched with a birth mother and have only two weeks or two months or whatever amount of time to get everything ready.

Hope everyone in the neighborhood enjoys our early dose of Christmas cheer!

Preview of a Project

So today Andy and I started working on a project that we will hopefully have finished sometime soon to share the finished project. Here is a little teaser of the project to keep you guessing what we were up to today!

waiting for you

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful fall day today either spending time outside, watching football, or whatever you like to do on a Sunday afternoon.

A Crazy Week

Last week was a little crazy for our family.

On Sunday we found out that Andy’s grandfather had passed away. We had known for a while that it was only a matter of time as he had been in hospice care for a little while and was having some health issues, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. We then jumped in the car and drove the 8 hours to Florida to be with the family for the viewing and the ceremony on Monday and Tuesday. After the ceremony we got right back in the car to head home so we could both work. In the end we probably could have stayed another night and come home on Wednesday as both our jobs allowed us to work remote all week long. It was however, good to be back in our own bed and with the dogs for the night instead of the hotel again. We did have a good time seeing some of his family that could make it down for the services and catching up. Despite the sad occasion for the get together, everyone liked hanging out and chatting for a couple days.

When we were home and trying to get caught up with work we were also given the chance to see our friends’ first born Kailyn. She was adorable and at just a week old was still really tiny and not interested in doing much besides eat and sleep. She is so precious though and we were really glad to get to hold and meet her. It also allowed us to hang out with the new parents and see how they are handling sleep deprivation!

I am usually out of town on Halloween so Andy gets to do all the handing out of candy for the neighbor kids but this year I actually got to help! It was great fun seeing all their costumes and seeing the different personalities! You of course had the shy ones that didn’t know you and so were afraid to talk, the seasoned veterans that knew what to do and say as soon as you opened the door, and then of course the outgoing ones that would try and take whole handfuls of candy when you offered the bowl… haha. Next year Halloween lands on a Friday and so if we have adopted by then I will again be home to dress up our little one in a costume and I can’t wait!

To finish off the week we had a neighborhood block party on Saturday night that had lots of good food, some football watching, kids playing games, and the adults chatting. It was a lot of fun and we got to meet some of our neighbors we didn’t yet know and also catch up with the ones we do. Everyone agreed that it has been too long since the last neighborhood event and so the talk has started on us hosting a New Years Eve party again this year.

It really was a great week aside from a bad start and we got to do a lot of things with friends and family which is always great. Now with me back on the road and Andy home working life seems to have gone back to the normal pace. Can’t wait for the holidays when the craziness starts up again!