Christmas started early

I know that everyone will probably think I am crazy but I love Christmas decorations and everything Christmas so even though it is early November I have already started decorating the house and watching Christmas movies. So far at this point we have done the outside lights, put up both the indoor and outdoor tree, and hopefully later today I will finish the banisters inside. The last piece will be the fire place mantel that needs to still be completed and then hung.

It might seem crazy that I have my decorations up so early but when you consider the fact that I travel as often as I do I really only see the lights for about a month over the course of two months. Plus I am one of those people that like to be prepared and ready so I can enjoy things later. This same mentality is why we already have a majority of the babies room completed already while we still wait to find our match and finally a placement. I don’t want to get a call that we are matched with a birth mother and have only two weeks or two months or whatever amount of time to get everything ready.

Hope everyone in the neighborhood enjoys our early dose of Christmas cheer!


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