Infant CPR Class

This past weekend Andy and I attended an Infant CPR class. It has been a really long time since I was certified in CPR and the rules and actions were not as clear as we would like if something were to ever happen so we decided it would be good to take a class so we know what to do first. It was really informative and while some of it was a review there was also some new information and rules on what you should be doing.

The class covered infant CPR, proper sleeping, and also choking. It was lead by a doctor who used to be an emergency pediatrician and even though there was a movie that we watched to give a lot of the information he also answered lots of questions and watched as we practiced to tell us if we were doing it right.

We are definitely glad that we were able to take this class and will probably look into some of the other infant care classes that are offered at Babies R Us (where we attended the class). With how much I enjoy being prepared and at times during the adoption process feeling like there is no control for us, it is another step that we have taken in the direction of having a child in our home to raise and care for.


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