Another Birth Mother Contact

So in addition to taking a short vacation over the holiday week and traveling to see family to celebrate Thanksgiving Andy and I also had a busy week talking to a potential birth mother. We were so excited about the contact and it made the week seem like it went by so slow since the Independent Adoption Center was closed for the holiday most of the week and it was hard to get answers at times.

We were really hoping that this time, after all of the time talking to her would lead to a match for us and we would begin the next phase of the adoption and instead of waiting to be picked be waiting for placement. In the end she ended up deciding that she was not going to place for adoption at this time.

While it was hard to hear that another potential match was not going to choose us we just have to believe that if it would have been the right baby and birth mother for us we would have matched. It does seem like every contact we have we get closer and closer to a match so maybe the next time will be the right one for us.

Our first contact with a birth mother was just a single phone call and even after the end of the call Andy and I were not sure we were interested in matching with her even if she chose us. Next we were emailing and talking on the phone with a birth mother that we absolutely thought was the perfect fit for us. After a week of lots of communication though she just stopped talking to us and we found out she decided to match with someone local to where she lived.

Now with this birth mother we had all been talking about the possibility of matching and what that would look like and what we all hoped for in the future. If she hadn’t decided that she was going to parent Andy and I believe that we would have matched in the near future. We hope that she gets the support that she needs in the future to raise her child and we really feel that if she thinks it is for the best that it will be the right decision for her.

Here is to hoping for a happy rest of the year and a great new year where we will hopefully realize our dream of expanding our family!


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