Photo Shoot

While we are waiting we decided to take a couple pictures that we could hang. Andy and I went out and he took the photos himself (even the ones we are both in). I think they turned out great and now the task of choosing just one to hang on the wall in the baby room.

It ended up being harder than I think he was originally thinking to get the shots I wanted without someone taking the pictures of us. We went out a couple times to take the pictures and play with the shots that we wanted to get. Part of the problem being having a thought in our heads of what we wanted in the picture, they weren’t always the same, and then figuring out how to take that shot with a remote or timer on the camera instead of someone holding the camera and making adjustments.

For now the idea is to display one in the baby room we have been working on, have a couple to display in a frame down in the living room, and maybe use some of them for a baby book eventually. We would have loved to have gotten the dogs involved but that just wasn’t going to happen as Jasmine just wants to sleep and Etta can’t sit still for anything!

Here are our favorites and hope you all feel free to comment too!

AKH_9718 AKH_9728


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