Christmas Holiday Traditions

Over the last couple weeks things have been busy for us with the holidays and visiting family and friends. I’ll give a recap over all of that in another post (hopefully later today still). Right now I want to talk about some of the family traditions we can’t wait to share with children and some that we hope to start when we have children.

Making our own ornaments and gifts for family members. It seems like everyone with kids make ornaments using hand prints or foot prints lately. My siblings have also made platters and other things to either use or display with their kids prints all over them. I have seen so many cute ideas through Pinterest or Facebook that I can’t wait to start doing our own each year to hang on our tree and to give away!

Andy’s family has always had little mail boxes on their Christmas tree for everyone and inside they get money from their grandma. I think this is awesome and think it would be great to continue this tradition with maybe a letter about how good they have been that year as well from Santa. It would make for a great album where you could store the letter and go back in time to read all the good things that each child has done over the years.

Christmas morning Cinnamon Pecan Rolls! Need I say more! Ok so I will say a little more about it, both of our families have a tradition of cooking and eating them in the morning after opening all the wonderful Christmas gifts! It was always a great break from constant playing with the gifts to spend a little time with the family before all the kids disappeared to play with their toys.

Have our very own Christmas Express “Train” to go and look at Christmas lights (another idea from Pinterest). Probably not too entertaining for a baby but what little kid doesn’t like looking at Christmas lights! We would basically leave a train ticket in the bed for the kids the night we are going out and when they see them at bed time instead of climbing in we will climb into the car and go on an adventure. As they get older we can provide the hot chocolate and popcorn as we listen to Christmas music and drive around to see the lights.

Finally, in the end, the thing we look forward to the most is spending time around the holidays with our family doing all kinds of crafts, baking cookies, decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and everything else that comes with the season in our house!


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