Pinterest Adoption Account

So I held off for a while on creating a pinterest account for the adoption because I wasn’t really sure what I would put in it or what to really include. Over the last couple weeks though I have given in to my desire to pin things and created a separate account. I looked at some boards of friends that are also going through adoption to see what they pinned and then also created some other boards that I had thought about.

While pinterest isn’t really a tool to try and find a potential birth mother that will choose us for an adoption I do see it as a great way for them to get to know us better if they find our profile online. It gives a little more info and is easier to see who we are and what type of parents we want to be by looking at our account.

If you have time take a look and see what we have done so far or you can start following us as well if you would like. Hope everyone is having an otherwise great day!

Pinterest Account

P.S. If you think of a board that we haven’t created and would be good to have on there let me know and I will start a new one and pin away 🙂


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