Understanding Open Adoption

I (Andy) was reading an article about Understanding Open Adoption today, and I wanted to share it with our followers. We often get asked why we are doing an open adoption, and what are the benefits of that over a closed adoption. For Stephanie and I, the choice was easy. Once we started looking into the types of adoption, and the ins and outs of each, an Open Adoption seemed the healthiest for all involved, from the child, to the Birthmother, to Stephanie and I. 

We want our child(ren) to understand where he or she is from, and from whom. We want truth and honestly from the beginning, because we feel that will lead to less questions down the road from the child(ren). We also liked the idea of a blended “family” as our birthmom will bring her family into the relationship with us, expanding our family even greater.

here is the article:



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