We’re past the 1 year mark

Well we have been waiting over a year now on the wait list through our adoption agency. At times the year has flown by and at others it can seem like it was interminable. So much has happened while we were waiting which helps us not stress too much. From working on putting together a nursery so when it happens we have everything ready and everything we will need, hanging out with friends and family in town (getting our fill of holding little babies when we could), and traveling to visit family and friends it has been an incredible past year.

We hope that we don’t cross the next year mark still waiting to start our family but it is also a possibility since for the most part it is up to a birth mother/father choosing us as parents. As we have mentioned previously being over a year does at least mean we are now on the last minute list for the agency which could be better for us and mean an adoption sooner but only time will tell.

I will be working on a new post about the final product of the nursery hopefully soon since we are almost finished with setting it up and getting everything ready/decorated until we bring home a child. While we work on that we also have a lot of travels and things coming up over the coming months to keep us busy so we will try and keep the blog moving forward with updates if/when we have them!


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