Moving Up on the Search List

So in the last week Andy and I have realized we have made it to page 19 (out of 45) on our agency’s site when searching for potential adoptive families. The search shows the longest waiting families first and goes to the most recent families that have started on the journey. While we sit and think back that just under 14 months ago we were on the last page of the list it is exciting to see that we have moved up so many pages. This means that not only are people that have been waiting longer finally having their families started or extended by a wonderful new addition but it should also mean that we are getting closer to that day for ourselves.

This part is frustrating at times though as well because the lower the number of page we are on means the longer we have waited so far.While we try and keep it in perspective and that we are just now coming up to the average wait time for families within our agency, we could also be one of the families that waits much longer than the average and still be at the beginning of our journey.

Andy and I try and stay positive and most of the time we succeed at this by not putting much focus on the waiting and more on the preparing. As we start to finish the last few details of the nursery though we have started to turn to other projects around the house that would be nice to have done before we are consumed with being new parents. Luckily this list seems to be never ending and we shouldn’t be able to run out of tasks before the wait is finally over. Who knows if we do start to run out of things to do maybe we will take one of our dream vacations to relax and get away.

Every time I see that we have moved up though through the pages it makes me smile because that means that those people, who have been waiting longer than us, are finally through the waiting and have brought home a wonderful little boy or girl to raise and cherish.


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