Home Study Renewal

It is official we have an approved Home Study for the next year while we wait for the child that will be a part of our family!

We got the hard copy of the letter and paperwork just last week that the renewal had been approved. It is great to have it in our hands now so that if we do place we have a copy in our records and can get it if we need it for any reason at any time. This also means that for at least the next several months we don’t have to worry about any paperwork that needs filled out (that is until the time for renewal comes up again).

The second round of paperwork took a lot less time but it still can be hard to organize all the things you need to fill out or get filled out. If we had to worry about the renewal process right now I might go a little crazy hunting down and getting all the forms filled out that we need since we have been so busy the last month or so. The rest of the summer is shaping up to being just as busy for us as well.

Look for another post (hopefully soon) about some of the things we have been up to and our adventures in waiting!