Stephanie’s 33rd Birthday

So this year for my birthday Andy got me a couple of great experiences!

To start with Andy took me to KR SteakBar for dinner with a bunch of our friends (Andrea, Erin, Matt, Courtney, Kelly, Josh, and Shawn). The food was wonderful and so good that I didn’t want to stop eating. It was also great to hang out with some friends that we haven’t had the time to see much lately.

After we finished dinner we headed over to Barcelona Wine Bar for drinks and dessert. We lost a couple people who had to go home after a long week already but we gained our friend Sam too. The dessert was delicious and so good but way to filling. The crepes could have easily served 4 people and still had difficulty eating and yet we all ordered out own and ended up with lots leftover.

The last of my gift from Andy will have another post coming soon with new couple pictures done by his friend and photographer Sparkles! That is going to be this coming Friday and I can’t wait to take them and see how they turn out.

In addition to that I got some great other gifts from family like the wind chime below, new glass for the patio table (still needs to be done), a giant stock pot, minion magnets, and gift cards for bed bath and beyond. I love my family and all the great gifts that they gave me this year to celebrate my birthday. Looking forward to future birthdays!



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