August Group Session

Well we had planned on going to the August group session with our agency. This month’s session was on dealing with infertility with adoption. We have gone to a session on it before but thought it was helpful to talk and also like to talk to other couples going through the adoption process. After missing the last several months of group we decided to go and just catch up with everyone.

In the end we ended up being the only couple that showed up for group this month. It was disappointing to not see other friends that we have met through the adoption process but it was great to have one of the counselors all to ourselves to talk for a little while. We did talk about infertility issues that we have had while dealing with the adoption and other topics in general that trigger emotions for us during the process of adoption.

It is always great to talk to someone that understands the different emotions we go through at different times. They can help us figure out how to talk through them and deal with them so that it doesn’t cause more stress in the adoption process than we already have. Plus it helps us remember that we aren’t the only ones with the same feelings even if it can feel like it at times.

We hope to be able to go to the September session since it is supposed to be a great session with a lot of people wanting to attend.


Another Great Weekend of Events

Friday night was a great start to the weekend! We attended a wedding of friends of ours. It was a beautiful simple ceremony out by a gazebo before heading in for the reception. We had a lot of fun visiting friends that we haven’t seen in a while and also dancing for a couple hours. We are already talking about trying to get together again with them soon so it isn’t so long between seeing each other!

Saturday I helped my mom make a fairy garden at her house, went out to a late lunch to surprise her for her birthday and watched Andy take pictures at a Cross Fit competition. Her fairy garden turned out really cute and was fun to put together. She had already bought the fairy and some of the other little things but we had to find a container and the plants to put in it still. After that we went to my mom’s favorite restaurant for a surprise lunch (my dad brought her and the family that lives in town all was there to surprise her). The food there is so good and you can’t help but eat too much food. Over eating though made me feel guilty later in the evening while watching the Cross Fit competition. Those people are amazing at what they can do! Looking forward to seeing how Andy’s images turn out from the competition for everyone.

Sunday was a slower day with hanging out around the house being the prime objective. We did however do some cleaning down in the basement for a couple hours and had home made deep dish pizza for lunch. See below to be jealous!

Deep dish sausage pizza

Deep dish sausage pizza