October Adoption Support Group

This past week we had our Adoption group meeting. The topic was trans-racial adoption and whether it is right for us. We had already decided that we are open to trans-racial adoption and have taken the course work required by the IAC but thought it would still be an informative meeting to go to. It was a good group session to discuss potential issues we might be faced with if we adopt trans-racially. We even got the chance to talk to someone who had adopted trans-racially through the IAC and get some information from their perspective. All-in-all it was great information and a great place to get some of our thoughts and feelings out among people that understand because they have had the same feelings.

It also was a good time to get into the office and talk in general about what is going on with us in our wait. We talked with some friends at the meeting and decided to go out to dinner/drinks this week for some adoption bonding time. There are a lot of great families that we have met through the process so far and we always wish we had more time to see them and hang out. So far it seems like it is going to be a great group there this week to share what has been happening for each of us and catch up on what we have been up to!

The other great part was we got to go in and meet with our counselor and talk about how we have been doing lately and get a little perspective on the coming months. Since we have already passed the 18 month mark of waiting with the IAC we now will get google ads done for us, get to start reviewing and potentially redo our letter, and get a little bit of money back to do our own advertising in any ways we wish. It is frustrating to still be waiting but we are excited for some new things to keep us busy the next couple months again.

She also calmed some of our fears or stress about the wait and reassured us on some things we have been struggling with lately. We know it will happen at some point and that it is just waiting for the right birth mother to find us but that can be hard to remember at times, especially around the holidays. As Andy keeps telling people all we want for Christmas is a baby. Earlier this year we had turned down a potential placement for some extenuating circumstances that we were just not prepared to take on at that time and now that we are still waiting it has us thinking about whether that was the right decision or not. Our counselor helped us remember that there were reasons why we choose to not proceed with that placement and adoption is stressful enough without choosing a situation that we are comfortable with.


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