Emotional at the Holidays

Well it is time for our busiest time of year and the typically wonderful holiday season. Lately, though, I have noticed that I seem to easily get annoyed or upset this holiday season. This is our second year going through Christmas and Thanksgiving while waiting to adopt. It is normally my favorite time of year with all of the decorations, movies, music, food, family, and friends. This year there have already been times that I wish I could just skip it all though and fast forward to the new year. I really want to enjoy the holidays with friends and family though at the same time.
There are so many traditions I want to share with our children and things I can’t wait to see them experience. Being around our family helps but we can’t be with each other through the entire holiday season since we don’t all live in Georgia. Plus at some point we all need to make money, go to work, and get things done, it can’t be all fun all the time.
This year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house with my sister’s family visiting for the entire week. Hosting this year is at least giving me something to occupy part of my brain with planning events, finding new recipes for the turkeys, figuring out any projects I need to finish before then. We will have 14 people at our house for the day so there will be lots of prepping and cooking to do during that week as well as being busy with family activities. My nephews are great distractions!
I know technically we don’t know what will happen and maybe we will get a last minute call about a situation and be parents still before the holidays. However, that isn’t extremely frequent to have last minute situations through our agency. Also, I figure if I plan for it not to happen it might be easier to get through and enjoy the holidays than thinking that it could happen and be even more disappointed if it doesn’t happen.
Instead we are trying to plan out all of our free minutes between now and the end of the year. We have always had the motto during the wait that if we are busy with something else then we can’t dwell on what could be. Currently, we are planning on doing a holiday party for friends, going to our normal holiday parties, working on projects around the house, and attending any shows or events that we think might be entertaining. If you know of a fun event in the Atlanta area for during the holiday season let us know and maybe we will fit it in our schedule!


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