Happy Holidays!

Stephanie and I had a really busy holiday season! We just returned from our trip to Michigan to spend Christmas with my family. We packed up the car, with gifts for my family, as well as our packages for each other, and made the 11 hour drive. The drive was nice and uneventful for holiday traffic at least. We went straight to my parents house to visit for awhile before leaving and checking into our hotel.

Stephanie and I chose a hotel a bit further down the road so that we would be close to friends on Friday. We setup a gathering of friends each year we come home at the same restaurant. We had a great turnout with friends that I have not seen in almost 20 years! We spent a few hours talking to our friends and enjoyed catching up before heading back to the hotel.

We spent the rest of the weekend helping my mom do random things around the house that she needed help with. We watched some TV, moved some items around the house, packed some to take home with us, and solved some computer issues for mom and dad.

On Saturday evening, we packed up our car with our gifts and a bunch of items from my parents house that they wanted us to have for ourselves. The car was completely loaded, with only room for the two of us left! The drive home was a bit more involved than the trip up. We knew traffic would be significantly worse, and it was. We made it to Tennesse with little issue, but once we reached Tennesse, it went downhill. An app on our phone told us that traffic was getting awful ahead, so we made the move to get off the highway before reaching it, so that we wouldn’t be stuck sitting on the highway. We were treated to a slower, but more interesting ride home as we went through small town after small town.

Eventually we made it home, much to our dogs’ excitement as we opened the door to greet them! We unpacked the car and relaxed a little for the rest of the evening. We still have more unpacking to do this week but we are both luckily home with no work to do this week. It was an amazing trip for the holiday and we can’t wait for our next trip.


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